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From a great idea in 1982, to a small villa with 5 students, to becoming the hub for 200 special needs students, the Dubai Center of Special Needs (DCSN) is known for its dedication and hard work in helping unique minds to learn and grow. Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the center relies on the expertise of its faculty and the contributions from the community to succeed in its noble vision.

Team Red Dot created one of the regions most successful pro bono campaigns that combined media and creative to create awareness for the brand and bring DCSN the attention it deserved.

The Challenge

Increase awareness about DCSN and welcome the community to help the center through donations. Traditionally, special needs ads feature the hardships of a child to shake the audience into action. But the client insisted the campaign should stay away from this stereotype and yet garner the attention of the audience through a positive message.

Our Solution

A brand awareness campaign that highlighted young minds with special needs as not disabled, but differently abled. Creatives that showcased students of the center enjoying their favourite hobby and introducing themselves in a unique way.

Simultaneously, the media team reached out to the entire media community to offer ad spaces free of cost to reach out to mass numbers in the UAE and the GCC.

The Result

Red Dot Studio and its team of art directors, designers, copywriters and a photographer put together a creative ad that was well-received by the audience.

Red Dot Media booked print and digital media worth a whopping AED 700,000! A truly fantastic feat that helped the center create awareness and receive many donations from the community.

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