Meet the Team

We are a squad of ambitious experts, thrown together into an awesome work environment where we think and act progressively in everything we do. We empower our team so they can perform better in the knowledge that shared vision, value and belief lead to greatness. We focus on bringing out the best of our team, which leads to bringing out the best of every brand we work with. We are also an extension of your marketing team.

Raksha Khimji
Joseph El-Bcherrawy
Sheetal Rajan
Shilpa Rao
Irfan Mirza
Aseem Bhandari
Claudia Al Moundalak
Abishek Parekh
Leslie Pineda
Urooj Husain
Rawan Hilal
Dyuti Biswas
Layla El Akkari
Sherry Castelino
Faraz Ghori
Natalie Quime
Jino Jose
Ana Azfar
Ingrid Dsouza
Preethi Ananthapadmanbhan
Alveena D'souza
Misbah Khuwaja
Charito Lugtu
Ravi Salendra
Ashok Myakala
Ram Chandar

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